This is the sketch blog of B. Willoughby, 20-something year old artist/cartoonist, dweeb and creator of pretty ridiculous things. If you have something you wanna show me, I track #mockingbirdss



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dude its not even summer i was unprepared for this heat 

Hangin’ out with my bff playin games today aw yeah

Hangin’ out with my bff playin games today aw yeah

just finished borderlands 2 aaaaaa jack

cries i will never own a big daddy figure ever

so expense

Anonymous asked: F and R? :>

F. My Favourite Movie

don’t really have one but i am really fond of studio ghibli films so probably howl’s moving castle or princess mononoke.

R. Favourite song at the moment

Augh my mp3 player has been out of battery for like a week and so I haven’t been listening to music on the train to & from work. The only music i’ve had in my head lately has been from Hyrule Warriors, but basically it’s just this one tune. So when I’m at work I have this in my head and I feel like an npc shop keeper in the skyward sword bazaar. (also can i say while we’re on the topic, i’m pretty ok with the voice acting of the narrator in Hyrule Warriors and it’s made me reconsider my viewpoint on voice acting in Zelda games. Like i’d be pretty ok with it if they were voiced in such a way that the characters don’t sound super douchey, and i think the narrator does a v good job. plus i just like how she pronounces character names.)


i mean in this space of time i could have ordered it from ebay or something and it would BE HERE by now AUGH

i’m so mad playasia i paid for this thing a month ago and you pushed back the shipping date twice and now you don’t even email me to tell me its now out of stock i have to find out by going onto your site like how the heck is it out of stock i placed an order. the very idea of placing an order and paying for a thing means that you are supposed to HOLD the item oh my god you haven’t even refunded my money either were you just hoping i would forget jfc

apparently tonight is a “listen to songs where in the video clips of said songs the main singer dude is tied up and slightly beaten up for some reason” night???