This is the sketch blog of B. Willoughby, 20-something year old artist/cartoonist, dweeb and creator of pretty ridiculous things. If you have something you wanna show me, I track #mockingbirdss



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phidippus-audax asked: omg your art is so rad!! love your style so much

dude thank you! u v u <3

its because you already know too much. theres a chance you might actually be a demon and no one wants to take a chance….

gigantic and terrible demon nestled in the fleshy prison of a small humangirl, yes this is canon

tinytelephones asked: I'd use video game merch, a giant stylish sweater, the skull of a three eyed raven, the buttoned up shirt of a hot scruffy dude, some angel teeth and 100 buck kinokunya voucher

throw in the hot scruffy guy wearing the shirt and sweater, carrying all these things as a human sacrifice and i’d grant you 3 demon wishes too.

well it appears that NO ONE would try to summon me as a demon and it’s clearly because my demonic form would be too terrible and awesome for anyone to handle

Anonymous asked: I think that tumblr staff should feature your art. It's so rad!

i still don’t even know how the feature thing works. are you talking about the little blue “artists on tumblr” tag/button? is that someone making that appear cause i never knew i was kind of like “well maybe it’s a thing that happens when lots of people reblog/tag the same thing?”

but aaa i really appreciate your feelings on my art! i’m kind of in a rut content wise (which is literally why everythingis the same aaa samefaceseverywhereslapmeintheface) but i’m glad people are still enjoying it!

pampelmusel asked: your art is superawesome yeah

aaaaa thank you?!?!

(also no, you are super awesome)

nearsh0t asked: Cool stuff I like you're characters :>

omg same feelings here for yours O;


Anonymous asked: I really love your art and your characters (especially death) but sometimes I feel they get a lil bit samey, in a thematic sense?

no no i agree too many angels and demons what i need is a space cowboy (too bad the exact kind i’d make up is already a playable character in the borderlands universe ie mordecai <3 ~swoons~)

also dang i’ve been workin’ on this set of characters and this story for like a bazillion years i don’t have the heart to let em go

a li&#8217;l something for my favourite musa. hope you feel better soon, buddy!

a li’l something for my favourite musa. hope you feel better soon, buddy!