This is the sketch blog of B. Willoughby, 20-something year old artist/cartoonist, dweeb and creator of pretty ridiculous things. If you have something you wanna show me, I track #mockingbirdss



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(cough cough) wip of a thing!

(cough cough) wip of a thing!

Anonymous asked: i love your art! do you mind sharing your brush settings?

Thank you, dude!

Tbh I don’t really have any brush settings in that I lost any preferences I had on my old laptop when it died and I couldn’t really remember them so I’m working from scratch now. 

In photoshop I use the stumpy pencil brush which you can dl for free here, but I’ve been using paint tool sai more often now. Here are the settings for that:

I need to stress that all I literally did was open up sai for the first time on my new pc, and select the crayon brush and then change the size (also note that most often I’ll work with a brush that’s around 13 - 15 in size and then change if i need to… obvs. I also mostly do sketches on paper first and then colour over them digitally bc i suck at sketching straight into sai or ps)

Idk, if you guys are interested in my process I might do a really quick process breakdown but idk! Only if you guys want!

Hook line & sinker drop it down to the bottomButterfly, float flicker soar to the topKill for the thrill cut it stick it where you got him [x]

Hook line & sinker drop it down to the bottom
Butterfly, float flicker soar to the top
Kill for the thrill cut it stick it where you got him [x]

(periodic bioshock feels resurfacing)

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Anonymous asked: Ever read hellblazer?

I haven’t read the original comics but I did enjoy John Constantine’s cameo in the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman! I had no context for him as a character except that he was british and was involved in occult and demon stuff and he seemed pretty cool! It’s on my comics to read list though cause recently when I was looking for a new comic series to start it was between that and Hellboy and idk man Hellboy is an actual facts demon not a human dude so of COURSE i went with Hellboy. (swoons~ demon sempai pls notice me~)

I am pretty jazzed about the tv series that’s supposed to be coming out soon though (even though i should probably read the series first but whatever i’m gonna be one of those fans long-time readers hate for being a ‘bandwagon jumper’ and only liking a thing after it becomes ~mainstream~)


I skipped out a bunch of more recent sketches cause you guys have already seen them.


2013 - 2014 part 2

coloured pencils?

2013 - 2014 part 1

everything is lucifer

2011 (& 2012) part 3!

basically when i found inking pens i liked a whole bunch! also drawing a heck of a lot more luce!

2011 part 2!

I still really like a lot of these omg what especially iktomi, i haven’t drawn him in a million years aaa