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Okay, I need your help! 

I only have a very limited time to make some screen prints because I’ve got loads of other stuff to do and print for grad show so I can only pick one of these colour schemes. I’m wondering which one you guys prefer? (I also don’t know what happened to the shiver lines in the greenish one, but I can fix that later).

I’m tossing up between two of them, but I won’t say which because it’ll taint your opinion, maybe? Also anything else you think I should do with them before I get to work would be helpful?

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  4. comradewodka answered: The second one is my favorite…
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  6. canterberrytales answered: The green, orange, and blue one is my favorite. Green and yellow second favorite.
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  10. quoridor answered: I don’t know if im too late or not but i’m digging the colors in the top one!!
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  12. theadventuresofmrpinkandmissblue answered: Yellow pants, the last one is my first choice second is the pink pants
  13. microstank answered: the third one!
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  15. jessaprint said: Definitely the first one
  16. coldhandsandcinnamontea answered: green and orange :D
  17. casuallyrobotic answered: I think the first one’s best
  18. toothoothe answered: i actually really like the top one best
  19. addamses answered: OH MAN I REALLY LIKE the first and second ones!!
  20. meganecon answered: first one is my fave
  21. becdecorbin answered: I rather like the first one!
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    Reblogging myself because I know some of you don’t follow my art blog. Regardless, I really need help/opinions/input!
  23. halleyrina answered: the first one!
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